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While getting a manicure at a beauty salon, the individual doing your nails will place them under a UV light to harden, or "cure," them quicker. This is done if you are getting gel nails or are getting a coat of gel to strengthen and protect your new nail polish or nail tips. There are many different models of UV lamps to use while doing your own nails, with many different features like timers and energy-saving modes. If you follow the correct procedure, you will be able to cure your own nails at home with a UV lamp.
QUESTION: I have been getting my nails done for about a year - and love my gels... but am looking for another salon closer to home. I found one, but was told that they only use the non-UV curing gels. Since that is different from what I'm used to - I wonder what the difference is. Pros / Cons - or really no difference? Also my nail tech only used a file and insisted that it was the best way - but occasionally filed my cuticle raw. I went to someone else who used a drill and found it a much better experience - faster and much more accurate. My gut is telling me to go to someone who uses a drill, but have been told (by current tech) and read on line that a drill should never be used with gels...
Nail Damage and Prevention: 1. The simplest way to avoid nail damage is to wear gloves. 2. If you can't wear gloves, you could at least use a long handled mop-this allows you to keep your hands off water and your nails will definitely benefit. 3. If you do get your hands wet, remember to rinse them well and dry them carefully after the work is done. 4. Then apply ample amounts of a moisturizing cream. 5. You must also take certain other precautions:
After 2 weeks the nail will not have grown very much. However, it will need tidying up and checking for any problems. A new set of nails is not necessary at this stage, butthe new growth will need to be filled in...
With the warm weather about, flip flops, sandals and stilettos are the shoes of choice. Once of the most important things to remember when baring your soles, however, is that your toenails are presentable. There’s nothing worse than seeing unkempt nails in gorgeous shoes, or any shoes for that matter. Wendy Tran, manager and pedicurist/manicurist from Blissful Nails in Willoughby, knows the ins and outs of good nail care.
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